A festive trip with friends through the flowering valleys of Gulmohar and the lap of the misty forest beauties.


The day of the Eid al-Fitr that came after the holy month of Ramadan in the heavy summer heat. After many days of unfulfilled plans as usual we came to a decision. To the land of misty cold hill stations. Sundari Kodaikanal stands tall as the personal pride of Tamil Nadu. Kerala’s private pride Munnar is the homeland of stripes and Neelakurinji. These were the travel destinations we decided on. At the end of the wait, the car was ready to go. Then we packed everything in an instant and left.

After Palakkad and Pollachi we reached Palani Murugan’s hometown. As soon as I saw the mountains in the distance, it started to get cold inside. Within seconds we were beginning to conquer the passes. Palani Pass with lots of hair pins gave us bright colored views at night. As we reached the top, the valley shone more beautifully. When we finally reached the top of the hill the atmosphere was full of fog all around. Arrived at Kodaikanal in the morning, shivering from the cold. The car stopped on one side and everyone dozed slightly. By dawn, the whole of Kodaikanal had been conquered by the Malayalees. I had to go all over Kodaikanal to get fresh.

After the morning rituals we set off in search of the beauty of the natural queen of Kodaikanal. Our Google uncle guide was there to help with everything. By the time we wandered around Kodaikanal, we had already seen the mist-covered valleys, suicide bays, caves and beautiful view points. Eventually we reached the place where the spin started. Then straight to Beard Falls. We dreamed of a beautiful waterfall through the beautiful forest paths and moved on. But that was not the case. A small waterfall with a light waterfall. But that view was overshadowed our expectations. After enjoying the beauty of the lake in the heart of Kodaikanal, we headed back to Munnar for the night. We said goodbye to Kodaikanal through the Palani Pass. As we reached the pass just before dark, we really understood the true beauty of that beauty who hid us the night before. Palani Dam is like a glass window below the majestic hills that surround it. We had reached the Kerala border when we were mesmerized by that beauty.

We reached Marayoor after passing the Amravati Wildlife Sanctuary and the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Stayed there that night. The next morning we set off for Munnar, the homeland of the Neelakkurinji and stripes, famous for the beauty of their tea gardens. Along the way, lush green wagga trees, lush green hills and lush green tea gardens add to the beauty of nature. Even before reaching the Iravikulam National Park, the heart of Munnar and the paradise of stripes, Rajamala, a beautiful place in the mist, began to greet us. Once there we had to stand in a long queue to get the entrance ticket. Later the journey was on their bus.

As usual, I took my place in the side seat. As I climbed Rajamala, my whole mind was immersed in its beauty. As soon as the bus stopped at the heart of Rajamalai and dropped us off, it felt like fog was sweeping over us. Later the journey was on foot. As we set foot on Rajamalai, famous for its stripes and blueprints, we received a touch of boundless mist and the gift of love of natural beauty. Everyone who came was mesmerized by her beauty. At that time, there will be no one who does not think about what the view will be when the blue currant blooms. After spending enough time in that beauty, I was ready to return home. As soon as we left the heartland of Munnar, the arrival of the monsoon began to love us even more. Along the way, the waterfalls began to attract more visitors in their rough form. By the time it finally rained, we had left the beauties. By the time we had finished telling the experiences and jokes of the journey, we were on our way home from Aluva, Chalakudy and Thrissur.