A road trip from Singapore to Thailand : Part 1

That was the time I  resigned from the company and try for another job. I have 20 days to join the new place. Two days later, while having a morning tea, a friend posted couple of photos in Facebook  from Thailand. I just asked my wife if we can go to Thailand?. I do not think she will say yes. This is what usually happens. She shocked me and said, “I can take leave from the office.” That there is little rest on annual leave. Then I said let’s go now. I jokingly said we would go to Thailand. But my wife took the matter seriously. She became a full trip mode. Now I can not say no. That’s when I remembered about our two children. At first I thought I could keep them with my mother. Then wife said,they can be included too. Then let’s go at two in the afternoon,She said. Then I asked, should I take a flight ticket or not ?. That’s when an idea of ​​a wife shocked me. Let’s go to the car. I thought of something. Okay, this is a golden chance. Then we can go to Singapore and start from there. She said ok.

The thought of how far from here to Thailand came to my mind. I just took a Google map and looked at the distance to the Thai border, 1240 km. Then let’s check the car. Go straight to the service center and look at all of the battery, tire, air etc. We got the car in 1 hour and went straight home and the box and baby all of them were ok and we left for Singapore at 3 o’clock. Decided trip in 2 hours without any planning. It is about 20 minutes from home to Singapore. After immigration and car checking, we crossed the Singapore border and reached Woodlands, the first point. The truth is that it got cold when I thought of a trip across 3 countries. There was a reserve inside because the family was with. You have to be very careful when you enter Singapore with your own car. Vehicles older than 10 years will not be allowed in Singapore. Must have Malaysian License or Singapore License or IDP. Asean registration requires car, or carnet insurance. Above all, you have to take an auto pass. That is our toll card. This autopass must be on hand until you return from Singapore. Similarly, the immigration clearance form of the passengers of the vehicle must be filled in accurately. Do not expect any kindness in Singapore immigration. Even if you have a pack of cigarettes that have exploded, you should throw it away. Likewise, it is best not to carry broken items such as bubble gum. Especially through tuas immigration and through Woodlance Point. Because the security of their own country is as important to them as cleanliness.

So we crossed all these barriers and enters into the Woodlands in Singapore. There are a few small stalls there. Went around a bit. Straight to Mustafa. Mustafa is a must visit place in Singapore. Wandered there, and there is a ‘bhai biryani’ nearby. My wife said she could go there and eat biryani. Left straight there. It’s too crowded. Eaten the biryani in a way. Singapore is one of the scariest places I drive. The main reason is the exhausted traffic rules. If you go more than 90 km, then the camera will flash. Cameras in every 100 meters, policemen hiding on the bridge.

Small country but terrible law and fine. If the wife said we could go to Marina Bay Sands. So we headed back to Marina Bay. It was there that I showed and learned the greatest stupidity in the world. We drove to Marina Bay’s Park and made a small purchase for the $ 50 we had on hand, and put the remaining $ 15 in our pockets if we needed to pull out because we left Singapore at night and then no need for dollars.We drove straight to the parking bay in the hope that there would be cash in the autopass. At the parking gate towards the car. Putting the parking ticket inside Autopass‌ scans, but only the gate does not open. God, scanning again and again does not open. I’m really looking forward to those letters. Goddess, do I want to get dizzy? Here’s a $ 12 on the screen and a total of $ 7 on the Autopass. $ 12 an hour parking? All the malls in Malaysia and India, bowed my heads. Because I have never seen such a large parking fee. I saw a symbol of Visa, took my bank card and scanned it. In the back, came first one car, then two cars, non-stop cars. One car horn blows, two car horns blow, and then everything goes off.  So everything is fine and the wife sits inside and says bad word to me. With the crying of the children. Then here comes a bald-made Chinese angel. Come straight and ask the angel what happened ?. I said my golden mote kindly help.  the card does not work, please help. I gave $15 to hime. He did not buy any cash and took his auto pass card straight out of his pocket. Scanned, opened the gate and thanked him a lot. It was the beginning of an eventful journey.