A thrilling Grand Canyon trip with the kids – Really a memorable one.


Where to go for kids’ winter break vacation, that thought ended on a trip to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon. Let’s go straight to the Hoover Dam as described in the previous post about the amazing sights of Las Vegas. This ConcreteArch – Gravity Dam is built on the Black Canyon on the Colorado River on the border of the states of Arizona and Nevada. Halfway through the dam, it will become the Pacific Time Zone in Nevada State and the Mountain Time Zone in Arizona. Two clocks are placed there to make it clear. Those clocks that work one hour apart are a sight to behold. We said goodbye to Hoover Dam once again as we proudly walked through the Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tailman Memorial Bridge.

Next is the Holy Cross Church. It is a four hour drive to the church. Huge hills and red canyons on both sides. The bright red color on both sides made it look as if we had reached the red planet before Elon Musk. The church is located at a slight elevation. Roman numerals 1 to 14 are engraved with nails in all 14 places of worship. The crucifixion of Jesus made of metal is already in place. Red candles are lit. We found unlit candles and lit them. It was getting dark soon enough that winter was not over. We returned to the hotel soon after.

The next morning we set out for the South Rim. We parked the car at the South Rim Visiting Center and drove on. It is a beautiful sight that cannot be described in words. Just ahead of us is the Grand Canyon. A rare creation of God that came in so many colors as beautifully as the colors in Michelangelo’s paintings. I can’t believe I’m seeing the natural evolution of the 277 miles of land where the Colorado River flows. The fossils at the base of this 60-million-year-old wonder are said to have formed over two billion years.It is generally said that summer is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon. The North Rim will open at that time. But even this no rush time is very pleasant. We stopped at all the view points we saw on the way ahead and continued our journey. Bus services are available to reach the view points.

The next destination is the Watch Tower. From there you can see the Colorado River a little better. The meandering Colorado River is reminiscent of a dragon. No matter how much time I spent there, it felt like it wasn’t enough. But we left because there were still a lot of places to explore and the cold was beginning to creep into our bodies. There are sights to see for at least a whole month.

The next target is the horse shoe bend. Going forward I saw the board to the Vermilion Cliff. This is one of the 2 places I had to give up on the first plan. The Wave is one of its main attractions. It looks like it was made by placing waves one by one. But some hiking areas are open in the summer. So apart from that Hawass Falls is another sight that is just as beautiful. The green waterfall looks like the backdrop of James Cameron’s movies. But that attempt was abandoned because it was not easy to get to the thirteen mile hike.

When he saw the horse shoe bend board, he took a U-turn and parked. We have to walk about a kilometer. As we walked we saw the next wonder in the shape of a horseshoe ahead. Like the Manthara mountain in Palazhi Mathana, a land surrounded by water just in front. We continued our journey by filming the wonders of the Colorado River. On the way we stopped at Scenic Point and saw the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell and headed back to the hotel. Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. There are boat services through Lake Powell every day during the summer. This is a place where you can spend an entire day.

The next morning we were ready to go to Antalup Canyon. Special tours are available for photographers. They arrange the tour according to the amount of sunlight. A place I really wanted to see in America. Today, a passion that blossomed inside through a photo I saw in the past is blossoming. The place seemed to be a masterpiece of God’s signature, as Michelangelo’s Piyatha, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Sunlight filtering through the gap is indescribable. It felt like we had reached an amazing cave through the colored walls of brick. They are very careful to protect this area. Although it didn’t seem to be coming out of there, we headed back with the tour guide as it was time for the next tour team to arrive. The snow falls and stretches out like a white carpet on both sides.

Next up is Bryce Canyon. I had a desire to see this canyon that has always been a permanent presence on the wallpaper. So we went back there. Zion, Bryce, and Arches are important national parks in Utah. The arches are as rich with gates as the name implies. But since we did not have time to go there, we started our journey targeting Bryza. The snow is falling, and there are still two hours to go. Need to get back to Las Vegas today. The more you move forward, the more the power of the snow. It seemed as if he had come, but when Bryce arrived at the canyon, those doubts were dispelled. A pillar in the shape of a mushroom and some red figures like a cap on top of it. These shapes, called Hoodoo, look like termite mound at first glance. On the one hand, if you look at some of the forms that look like old buildings, you will feel as if they are the “Mud City of Bam” in Persian culture that is years old. As soon as the snow fell, we headed back to Las Vegas.

The last five days of travel have been more precious than the five gems in my life. The wonder of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, has never left me. As the saying goes, what is seen is beautiful and what is not seen is beautiful. We headed back to Seattle, hoping that God would allow us to visit those beautiful places that I could not see.

Traveler : Neeharika