A tremendous bike ride to Goa via Murudeshwaram.


This trip was a reunion of our team after a long hiatus. Our old buddy who went to Singapore for higher education and then for something else is back. So this time the plan is a party mood trip. So we fixed a week’s ride to the party capital of India.

Thalayolaparambu – Kakkanad – Thrissur – Kuttippuram – Kozhikode – Kannur- Kasaragod – Mangalore- Murudeshwar – Karwar – Panaji.

This was our route. So we set off on leave and dreamed of walking with the ladies on the beaches of Goa and pushed the days away. And so the day came.

Day 1, 2019 October 30 4.am

As usual, the three of us set off on three bikes in the early morning. A ride we all had together after about a year and a half. My bullet, Nihal’s Dominor, will be powered by Pulsar NS, which was borrowed from another expatriate friend, Ashiq, because he had already sold his own car. His only peace of mind was that even though he was not gone, his bike was still going. We dedicate this trip to all expatriate travelers like Aashiq who leave the country, home and trip due to living conditions and work in another country.

5.45.am We reached Thrissur in record time. But a little big work was waiting there. My car did not start when I tried to get back from there after drinking tea. All the work learned was pissed off. Time is running out. Eventually a man came to our rescue. Anand Chettan runs a workshop on the same highway. We somehow managed to get the car to the point workshop. The problem was that one of the car’s ignition items was damaged. The spot itself opened a shop and bought the goods and set the cart.

10.am So we thanked Anand Chettan and started our journey again. We missed about 3 hours. If you do not catch Mangalore at night, all plans will fall apart. So we set off for Kozhikode.

2.pm The lunch of the day was chicken biryani from Kozhikode. We were content to eat at a shop right on the highway as Rahmat did not have time to go.

6PM, Hey No how do you call Iowa Road a National Highway? In my opinion the worst roads in Kerala are when going north. Especially in the Iowa Malabar region. There are many reasons and justifications for those who live there and the authorities there. But Iowa Road lying like this is your own failure. Needless to say. Roads with no width, last traffic, roads that are full of potholes and potholes. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. When we crossed Mahe and came to Thalassery, we wondered if it was a highway or a road at the Vella junction. If you go from Kuttipuram to Kottakal instead of Tirur, the road is good and you can have good avil milk. as well as The road from Kannur to Payyanur via Pariyaram is good. Kasaragod is also a good road from Kanhangad. But the worst way is the last. That’s how it should be.

10PM, We finally reached Kasaragod two hours later than we expected. The body was in great pain due to the condition of the road. From there we had dinner and booked a room in Mangalore and left. The thing is that our border is just 35 km to Thalappadi. But even taking a bike takes an hour and a half to get there. Not even a national highway worse than this can be seen in Ladakh. Road full of bumps and potholes. The road is full of mud for lack of space. Somehow we crossed the Kerala border. It’s amazing. Suddenly the road was fine. The two line highway came and stood in front of us. This is the difference between Kerala and Karnataka.

12.30 AM, We missed our booked room due to a misplaced Google Map. Eventually we took another room in Mangalore and stayed there that day. The whole body was still in pain.

Day 2 October 31 9.AM

The body was in good health as it passed through one of the best roads in Kerala in a single day. Although a little late, we started our journey that day. After eating a hot masala dosha from Udupi, we headed towards Murudeshwar.

1PM, Murudeshwar is located in Bhatkala on the way to Honnavar from Udupi. Mookambika and Kodachadri are on the way here. About 2 km inside is the Murudeshwaram Temple. The place is both a pilgrimage center and a tourist destination at the same time. The Iowa Temple has a 120 storey tower. Nearby is a 123-foot-tall Shiva statue, the second largest in the world. First place goes to the Shiva statue in Nepal. A beautiful beach nearby. I came here while studying Plus Two in the past.

This is the first time all of them are here. When we got there it started to rain. It’s a pleasure to watch the sea rain. Now there are whole beaches. Beautiful beaches of the Arabian Sea. From there we ate at a beautiful hotel built right down to the sea and headed straight for Goa.

7PM, So we almost reached Karwar on the Karnataka-Goa border. The road was muddy because it was so bad or it was raining. Highway construction is underway here. The Iowa National Highway (NH 66) from Kochi to Panvel, which cuts through the Western Ghats, has many tunnels and bridges. Then I cried unknowingly, unaware of our pride, the horse tunnel and the Palarivattom bridge.

11PM, Finally we reached Panaji. 3 hours later than expected. Road construction is also underway here in Goa. On the way we were amazed to see a beautiful bridge shown in the movie. Unfortunately you can’t ride a bike through it. Don’t just pay the fine and throw away the money.

12.15AM, It seemed to me that we were only traveling at night on the journey we had set out on, thinking it was not a night trip. We booked a perfect 1bhk flat for 3 persons for Rs 2000. So we went straight to bed and slept.