A trip to see the forest and wildlife – Valparai via Malakappara


Before returning to the trip, everyone has the same desire in their mind, to enjoy the real beauty of the forest and to see the wildlife itself. The train left Kollam at 12 noon and reached Athirappilly at 8 am. Now we have to go to Valparai via Malakappara. There are no vehicles at the check post. It is sure that we could see the wildlife if we enters into the forest in the morning and so our car start moving forward. Before so long, there are signs that a group of elephant already passed. All the courage we had until then was gone at this one sight. Because there was so much heroism shown by them. A tree has been picked up and placed on the left side of the road. The only way left is to barely get to a car. But the elephants are not to be seen in that area. The road was full of elephant dung and it was not broken. Then I realized that vehicles did not pass through this road much. When it was realized, the fear increased. The short way is that it can only go so slowly.

The car is moving forward. The bamboo and bamboo growing on the hill all grow into the road. Some trees turned into elephants, tigers and bears and frightened them. Fear changed and despair began. I could not see anything but a group of monkeys. The vehicle went very slowly but only disappointment remained. I deliberately forgot to say earlier that Malakkappara should report at 10 am and started going slowly again. That’s when a black monkey landed on the next tree. What we have seen is that the forest thinks that we should not come here and go empty handed. We made him a movie star and started taking photos.

After the journey back to Malakkappara, we saw some friends from our country at the check post. I took pictures with them. It seemed to them that words were not enough to describe the beauty of Valparai. The journey continued to Valparai. Disappointment and exhaustion for everyone Time 12 is over. For 12 hours. I did not eat anything. On the way up, my friend said to a hotel employee in Tamil, “Annay is here to eat.” “There’s rice, fish curry and sambar here, man,” said the spotter. This was until my friend returned home. When Valparai arrived, the beauty of Valparai was that it shattered all the notions that had existed till then. I sat for a while looking at the distance, enjoying the beauty and taking pictures. Still frustrated, no wild animals seen. I do not want to give up. Decided to go down the forest and climb the forest, good support from everyone. Marayoor via Pollachi.

Not as Pollachi heard, but a beautiful place. Good weather. There are coconut groves for miles. Everyone is very tired and I have to look for accommodation. Friend to see Marayoor, continued the journey again. The car has no mouth, well, otherwise it will cry so loudly. 4 checkposts, of which money asked at two checkposts in Tamil Nadu. I was very proud that there was no collection at any of the check posts in Kerala. Marayoor Tiger Reserve, disappointing. There is nothing there but monkeys. No matter how slow we went, we could not see a single wildlife. But the forest was beautiful. Fresh leaves after summer are a great beauty of the forest. Arrived at Marayoor Junction and took a room there. (A friend who came to see the room lay down on the bed and then fixed it). Everyone packed up in the morning and everyone was ready to go to Kanthalloor Munnar.

Disappointed, everyone got in the car and started their journey. When the car passed for a while, all the disappointments that had existed till now were blown away by the children of the forest. Wild buffalo, mountain goats, deer and monkeys. He parked the car on the side of the road and started taking photos. We enjoyed the running and jumping of a wild buffalo cub. At last he sighed, sucked his mother’s milk, and began to run again. Beyond that, there are trees jumping up and down the hill. Spent some time with them. Thank you.

Arrived at Munnar in the evening. Take room and rest. I got up early the next day, at Munnar Junction to have tea with Shane. No shops are open at the junction. Not even a tea shop opened after 8 p.m. Suddenly an auto went by and some flags in it ?. “Harthal”, yes today is the hartal in Idukki. Shawn and we ran to the room. He called everyone and dragged them to the car. (Because everyone has to go to work tomorrow) Picked up the car. The car stopped within 2 km. The activists ordered that only go after five minutes. movie Forward again. Many people cut down trees and put them on the road. The car moved forward, removing all obstacles. We thanked the forest, the wildlife and the harthal representatives for leaving the country without harming the car and the body.