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This is the time of the Covid epidemic. A time of social distance. In such a time of misery. At a time when we are reluctant to travel from the panchayat where our house is located to the nearest panchayat, there may be those who wonder what is the relevance of such a writing. This is the answer for those who think so and for those who are going to ask such questions after reading this post. This is a note for those who love to travel. the reason, a trip to Ladakh is one of the dreams that stays in the mind of any traveler forever, forever, like burning coals. Many people are making plans to travel after the epidemic of Covid 19 is over. One of the questions many of them asked me as a person who traveled to Ladakh was how to get a Ladakh permit.? Where can I get a permit? By this post I mean to be of use to those who have such doubts.

Travelers use two routes to reach Ladakh by vehicle. After reaching Ladakh via Jammu, Srinagar and Kargil, take the Rohtang Pass and return via Manali on a clockwise route. Second, reach Ladakh via Manali and Rohtang Pass and then return via Kargil, Srinagar and Jammu by the Anti Clock Way. The first of these is the Clockwise Route. Because everyone knows that Ladakh is located at an altitude of 18000 feet above sea level. When we travel clockwise, we slowly take days to reach the highlands of Ladakh. Then our body will start adapting to the climate of Ladakh in the middle of this journey. Thus, our body can somehow get rid of the physical problems caused by AMS in Ladakh. But if we take the second anti-clockwise method, we will be able to climb 16000 feet from Manali in a few hours. Then our body will not be able to adapt to the rapidly changing climate and naturally there will be AMS problems and our body will react to it quickly. Sometimes the journey itself can come to a standstill. So the best way is to take the clockwise route. Even if we take these two routes, we still need a permit to travel through Ladakh.

There are two types of permits.
1) Ladakh Innerline Permit.
2) Rothang Permit.

You only need a Ladakh Innerline Permit if you choose the Clockwise Route as mentioned above. We need a Ladakh Inner Line Permit to reach Ladakh and travel to Nubravali, Cardugla, Pangong, etc. in Ladakh. We only need this one permit on the clockwise route. But if we choose the Anti-Clock Way route, we will have to take a Rothang permit to pass through the Rothang Pass. After that you will need to take a Ladakh Inner Line Permit to reach Ladakh and travel through places in Ladakh. Rothang Permit, as well as what is the Ladakh Innerline Permit. Let us understand why.

1) Rohtang Permit.

Some time ago there was no need for a permit to travel through the Rohtang Pass. However, the number of tourists increased and as a result thousands of vehicles used to visit the Rohtang Pass every day. This led to a lot of pollution and debris accumulation on the pass and route. The media reported that even the snow capped mountains were turning black due to vehicle smoke and other pollution. So the NGT (National Green Tribunal) decided to regulate day-to-day traffic and tourism. Thus, the concept of the Rohtang Permit was implemented by the authorities to allow only a limited number of vehicles, i.e. less than 1,500 vehicles, to board the Rohtang Pass on a single day. Here the Rohtang permit is not taken on the persons in the vehicle passing through Rohtang Pass from Manali. Permits are required only for the vehicles we travel in. Similarly, a Rohtang permit is not required if you are cycling, walking, or traveling on an H.R.T.C or H.P.T.D.C bus. Similarly, those returning to Manali from Ladakh via Rohtang Pass do not need this permit.

2. Ladakh Innerline Permit.

The Inner Line Permit is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to control travel to certain areas near India’s international border and for national security. Permits are mandatory for Indian citizens from outside those states to enter such areas where the country shares borders. This is a safety standard. The Ladakh Inner Line Permit is required to travel to certain parts of Leh. Unlike the Rothang permit here, the permit is not taken for the vehicle we are traveling in. Permits must be obtained for each person traveling through those areas.

Where can one get a Ladakh Inner Line Permit ?

The Ladakh Inner Line Permit can be obtained from the DC office behind the Old Leh bus stand. Office hours are 9am to 5pm. Leh old bust on Google Maps can be easily reached right away from Kargil. On the way to the DC office, you will find photostat shops and bike rental showrooms. There will be agents. They take small commissions but we don’t have much work to do on the permit issue. What area do you need a permit to travel to Leh? They will tell us about those places and the charges for the permit. The permit charge is less than around Rs 600 per person. Agents will fix things for us without much work.

What documents are required to get a Ladakh Inner Line Permit?

Write down the ID proof number and Address we have in the application form for the pass at the DC office. Also the names of the major tourist place in Leh are at the top of the application form. Tick ​​where we are going. Even if it is not the place we intend to go, it would be better to tick everything and get permission. That’s what we did. Because it would be useful at that time if you feel like going to other places where you need a permit to travel later. Or you will have to go to the DC office to get a permit again to go to that place. Instead of going to the DC office and getting a permit, you can still go online and get a permit on their official website. The website ID is given below. To take Ladakh Innerline Permit You can use the website One thing to note is that even if you pick up the permit online, you will still have to go to the DC office to seal the printout of the permit. And the only thing is that you can avoid office rush when taking it online. So when the permit is ready, take 6,7 photostat copies of the pass and keep it in your hand. You will have to give a copy at each check post. Keep the original in our hands.

Where can I get a Rohtang permit?

We can get a Rohtang permit by going to the SDM office in Manali. The office is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If it is difficult for us to go directly, we can search the rental bike showrooms there and the agents there will get the permit ready. The charge is between Rs 50 to70 per vehicle. Sunday and the second Saturday will be office holidays. The phone numbers for the SDM office are 01902-254100 and 01902-254200. All you have to do is go to the site below to get the Rohtang Permit online.

What are the documents required to get a Rohtang Permit?

The documents required to obtain a permit are a copy of your driving license and the registration certificate of the vehicle you are traveling in. Anyway I think you liked this description related to Ladakh Permit. If you like it, share it with your friends who are dreaming of a trip to Ladakh.

Traveler : Jamsheer Kannur