An Amazing trip to Anakulam in search of elephant tusks.


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Ever since I examine seeing elephants in an elephant pond, I even have longed to ascertain elephants beverage and playing within the water. Opportunities were missed in some ways , and he finally planned to travel on Sunday. The journey was from Kothamangalam-Adimali-Kumbanpara via Kallar-Mankulam. This journey to heaven, Anakulam, was a journey that confirms the old saying that the thanks to heaven is difficult and therefore the door is narrow.

By the time we reached Kumpanpara on the Munnar route from Adimali and turned to the Mankulam route, we were beginning to enjoy the coolness of the high range. There were large trees in the shade between the cardamom plantations that were planted on either side of the winding roads. When we crossed the tea gardens of Lakshmi Tea Estate and reached Viripara, we saw a small board and suspension bridge called Tiger Cave. According to the old man at the hotel where we went up to eat, the knowledge that the elephant would come more after 5 pm and that there was plenty of time left led us to went to the Tiger Cave. Anyway the decision to went to the Tiger Cave was really a bonus.

From the choice to travel right down to the bridge , take a photograph on the rocky Mankula River and relax on the rocky shores, we were told that we could attend Pulimada with the assistance of a guide for a ticket of fifty rupees. I took the ticket without watching anything and followed the guide across the bridge and walked along the windswept path with a light-weight breeze. Opportunities for climbing rocks and dancing on tree vines are provided along the way. the top of the jungle results in the steep cliffs. subsequent journey is thru large steep cliffs and sides. The cold of browsing the rocks and therefore the refore the cries of insects like deer and the lack of sunshine are often a touch scary but it’s really exciting. [Although I often walked back ten feet faraway from the guide out of fear] We climbed up and down the large rocks and eventually made our way through the gap between the 2 big rocks and reached Pulimada.

From there it is like a lake with invisible rocks that no one can pass through.The sunshine embracing the leaves of the trees and the silent cave formed by the surrounding rocks and the roar of the river on the other side take us to another pleasure. From there, he took a photo, washed his face in the small rocky Mankula river and started his journey to the pond. The broken road really bogged down the speed of our journey. In some places the road was only paved with small stones, giving the impression of an off-road drive. [The bottom of the car was hit in two or three places]. I had a robust feeling in my mind that it had been an error to return when the road past the Anakulam bridge got worse. once we finally reached our dream land through the broken path, the sight we saw was really disappointing and frustrating for us.

Anakkulam Elephant View Point Munnar

sort of a huge gallery where people sit to observe the IPL, people park their cars and await the elephants to return . Beyond that, there have been tons of youngsters playing cricket on the green ground with great enthusiasm. Adjacent to the present ground is an elephant pond where elephants come and drink water. We got out of the car with a lot of sadness and frustration at the sight. I asked a local who was there if the elephants were likely to come again. He told us that the elephants had been coming for the last two days. He said that when the elephants came, the branches of the trees would break and the children who were playing there would stop playing and leave. It was an incredible piece of information about us .We even wondered if he was making fun of us. How do elephants come to a place with so many people and so much noise ?; Is this a circus elephant? Telling each other a variety of jokes like that, we sit over on the bank of the small river that flowed along the edge of the ground, and we shared the sweets we had on hand.

At 5.45 pm, a forest ranger came and told the children who were playing and making noise to leave. It was something that gave us great joy. The people who were impatiently waiting on the road suddenly became silent and everyone was staring into the forest. So our wait is over and here comes the first Gajaveer. When he came, he looked around. After that he walked forward. Then the rest of the elephants followed. 14 elephants in a row. The accompanying puppies are taken to the pond by a protective fence. We watched as the elephants drank and bathed with eyes full of wonder and joy. It was even doubtful whether what we saw in the background of that green forest was true. A situation where we have to pinch each other to believe.

The next herd of elephants came to bathe when we started to return. I wondered if this was a state convention of elephants. Again we spent another half hour there. As the sun began to set, later views were in the light of the light that was there. My mind was full of sights from there, and in fact at that time our condition was that of the lottery-winning kittunni* in Kilukkam. He had no intention of returning. But reluctantly we headed back from there.

Kittunni – Its an evergreen movie character from the Mohanlal starer Malayalam movie Kilukkam.Its used to express the extreme happiness and wonder

Location :  Anakulam , It is a small village in Idukki District It is situated 217 Kilometers from the Kerala state capital Thiruvanathapuram