Attending a Telephonic interview – tips and Key success factors


Getting job abroad is a dream for many in India.comparing to the olden days opportunities in America and European countries are abundant in information technology,medicine and other fields.since it is possible for the overseas employers to travel and personality meet prospective employees,they prefer telephonic interview as the prime stage of recruitment.candidate’s ability and knowledge in the field is measured through the interview.after succeeding in telephonic interview candidate’s records of educational qualification and work experience are checked and finally appointment is given.

so in such a situation telephonic interview plays a prime role in candidates selection. hence the interview must be taken seriously and prepared well


Telephonic interview is broadly similar to a personal interview except that is conducted between individuals separated by thousands of miles.Since the interviewer is not physically present to judge the body language and personality of the candidate ,communication skills and self confidence play a crucial role in impressing the interviewer .Apart from this, the combination of the right profile ,information and confidence abundance also contribute as success factors.


1. pick up information about the organization you are interviewing the internet to pick up in depth background

information on the company.

2. since the duration of telephonic interview is around 45 minutes to one hour, do not give an office or PCO number.take the

call at either at home families surroundings which provide you a high level of freedom .It would be a pity if your performance is affected by disturbance of any kind.

3. always introduce yourself properly .request the parson at the other end or an introduction and make a note of it so that you can address him appropriately during the conversation

4. The de facto interviewing language is English .hence if you are weak in English, work on improving your language skills in advance and iron any perceivable deficiencies in your diction and fluency.

5. Li speech gets distorted when both the parties speak at the same time on international calls.sten carefully the question that the interviewer is putting . Never interrupt the when the Person is speaking since

6. Refrain from using ambiguous terminology like may be ….I THINK…., I am not sure…., cold be …,guess…, because it

reveals you are hesitant and not sure of your own self.

7. Avoid raising your or gesticulating to prove a point.Instead ,develop a power of conviction and fluency in language may not be

taken kindly.

8. Your answers should be polite and to the point .do not answer with simple “yes or no” but take pains to describe things about yourself which relate to the situation

9.Try to get the interviewer to describe the position and duties to you early in the interview so that you can apply your strengths , key areas and knowledge to highlight your suitability for the job.

10. Do not pick up a textbook or external help to answer the question.It seldom helps and may , in fact lead you to a trap with the next question.

11. if you are weak in one question be frank to plead your ignorance .It’s only human to error and no one is expected to know everything under the sun

12. Even if the interviewer try to test your patience some rather boring and insipid conversation ,do not lose patience.

After all ,he is not-obliged entertain you. Show enthusiasm to liven up proceedings if you find the conversation drifting.

13. Do not ask about salary , bonus ,vacations and perquisites unless you asked and the employer has demonstrated an interested hiring you. if the interviewer asks you about your expectations indicate your current emoluments but more that, highlight your interest and keenness for the opportunity than in the figures.