Beautiful Kollie Hills: A pass with 70 hairpin bends – My last Bachelor trip to Kodaikanal


Kollie Hills: A pass with 70 hairpin bends. Above the ‘Mountain of Death’ is a beautiful Milky Way waterfall. Only five out of seventy-five hairpin bends can be seen together like this. That’s fine. If you see all the curves together, why not feel dizzy? If you look at an image on Google Maps, it’s like looking Like we draw to see if the pen has ink on it. The “Kollimala” near Namakkal … the route really feels like our Nelliyampathi.

Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu is a picturesque hill in the Western Ghats. One that sounds like a mountain of death. Akasha Ganga is a beautiful waterfall that can be reached by crossing a pass with 70 sharp curves. Kolli Hills is located at a distance of 55 km from Namakkal in the central part of Tamil Nadu. The area is in the middle of a beautiful forest. It stands at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level as the head of the Sahyan. To reach the favorite destination of bike riders and trekkers, it takes no effort. If you travel 30 km from Senthamangalam, you can reach the top of Kolli Hills. 70 hairpin bends in this thirty kilometer journey. Most steep curves every 200 meters. The weather is constantly changing along the way and the views. We will reach Semmadu on the way. There is a watchtower. Sky views can be seen. Before moving on to the small waterfall, you can see the Arapaleshwar Temple. Later on, you will pass Kollipave Amman Temple and Murugan Temple.

Kollimalai has been mentioned in ancient Tamil works such as Chilapathikaram and Manimekhala. It takes about two hours to cross the pass and reach the top. Akasha Ganga is waiting at the top of Kolli Hills. The Akash Ganga falls down between two mountains. The waterfall on this steep slope is also associated with faith. The locals believe that the medicinal water in the Arappaleeswaran temple is brought down by the mercy of Lord Shiva. Akasha Ganga and Kollimalai are indescribable in terms of sight. The area is not frequented by tourists. For those who love to travel, Kollimala offers unforgettable experiences.

About Akasha Ganga Falls.

Akash Ganga is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by mountains on all sides. In this multi-layered waterfall, the water from the Ayaru River falls from a height of 300 feet. The Agasha Ganga Falls is located close to the Arapaleshwarar Temple. There are over a thousand steps from the temple to the bottom of the waterfall.

About the view points in Kollimalai.

Seekupara and Sailor Nadu are two view points developed by the government to promote tourism in the Kolli Hills. Since it is not well known, these two places are very private and very less polluted. Great place to go in the summer. Kolli Hills is worth a visit in any season. During the monsoon season, it is advisable to avoid visiting. Rain can sometimes interfere with the enjoyment of natural beauty. All things considered, summer is the best time to visit Kolli Hills.

To reach Kolli Hills.

Kolli Hills is easily accessible by road. Buses are always available from Chennai and Salem. Government and private buses are available from Salem to Chennai, Madurai and Trichy. The nearest railway station to Kolli Hills is Salem.

2. My Last Bachelor trip to Kodaikanal

The engagement function is only a week away. Then a wish, a last trip as a bachelor. When asked about this to the future wife, she said it was okay. The trip was planned to go to Kodaikanal with a friend who works with me. I have been there many times before, but I have not seen December months’s  Kodaikanal. So I booked the hotel, got the Bike ready and took the pass to go to Kodaikanal. The thing is we work in Tamil Nadu but to go to Kodaikanal everyone has to take Tamil Nadu E-pass. For seeing Ootty,You need to take E-pass. The website link is in Google. It is very easy to get E-pass.

Nov 30, 2020 | 4.00 am. The journey started at 4 in the morning. After the engagement, you can not say bachelor. That was a thrill of the Trip. Tirunelveli – Thirumangalam – Usilam Petti – Batla Gund – Kodaikanal this was the route. Total 260 km one side. As it is a four line highway to Thirumangalam, it was good to drive. There is no traffic signal on the very corner like in Kerala. Early in the morning the light fog cleared through the snow and our own bullet chime flew with us.

8:00 am, From Thirumangalam, we reached Batla Gund, a town below Kodaikanal Hill Station, via Usilam Patti. Now there are hairpin bends. And the views are breathtaking. We reached Kodaikanal after taking photos at some places. Our hotel was on the Vatta Canal. Went there and checked in. The essentially good cold was already there. We left our bags in the room and went down to explore Kodaikanal.

11:00 am. First we went to Suicide Valley. I could not see anything because of the fog. The monkeys there are terribly annoying. Then we went to see the Pine Forest. Not as good as the pine forest in Vagamon, though it is good to see. Later saw Pillar Rocks. Its our luck that the fog stood aside for a while. So it’s time to enjoy those double mountain ranges. Sometimes this place looks like the flying mountains in the Avatar movie. These towering mountains are about 400 feet high. From there we went to see the Guna caves. It is famous for its long roots and ancient caves. Especially after the climax scenes of Kamala Haasan’s movie Guna were shot here. Here, too, is total fog.

2:00 pm; From there we headed down to town to eat food. Eaten a biryani. Then we went straight to Kodaikanal to see the lake. There was no boating. Tourism is a bit bad with the corona era. Less crowded.

5:00 pm. From there we headed back to our hotel in Vattakanal. It was cold. On the way I bought some chocolates. And do not go out at night. The temperature was below 10 degrees Celsius.

Dec 1, 10: 00AM. We vacated the room in the morning and went straight to see Dolphin Nose. If you stop the car and walk for about a kilometer, you will see a gigantic view sitting on a cliff-like rock. Situated at an altitude of about 6600 feet above sea level, this place is a bit dangerous. Not only the place but also the journey to here is difficult. If the descent is steep, the return is a good ascent. Here, too, is total fog. But sometimes you can enjoy that amazing view. Someone fell on the precipice and died while taking a photo from this cliff. This place is so dangerous. So be careful.

12 noon, From there we saw the beautiful Vattakanal waterfall and set off for Kodaikanal. On the way back,We saw Talayar Falls falling down the hills like a thread in the distance and as well as the Silver Cascade Falls,and came down the hairpin bends and reached Batla Gund.  From there we had lunch and went back the way we came. So the trip to Kodaikanal ended and so did my bachelor trips.