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Calvary Mount: The magical beauty of Idukki

Blessed land full of the magical beauty of Idukki. The water resources of Idukki Dam at a glance at 3600 feet above sea level. Many tourists visiting Idukki usually visit Idukki Dam only. Calvary Mount is one of the most beautiful sights in Idukki. When you go to the view point, you will feel as if it is Idukki or when you wake up, it is in another country. It’s a sight to behold, even if you look at it for a whole day.

Although Idukki has been visited many times. After drinking coffee last Sunday morning, I thought I could go out for a while. The the occassional rain turned into a total light. The clouds are gone and hidden somewhere. Then I decided to go to Idukki. Road blessed with 12 hairpin bends from Moolamattom to Kulamavu. It’s one of my favorite ways which never get bored. And good weather too. The rider in me woke up.

When I left Pala and cpassed Thodupuzha, I looked at the sky and said to myself by closing my eyes that although there was a slight change in nature, there was no sign of rain.When the Kulamavu hairpin turns, a group of bullet riders explode firecrackers in front of me. I am going alone so they wish me and gave me the signal that Go ahead, and signal they will come slowly. We greeted each other and left. I stopped the vehicle at Kulamavu Dam and ordered my regular tea. Despite all this rain, the condition of the dam is deplorable. Waiting greedily for a whole rainy season to drink and dry out.

The road inside the forest has been re tared. When I came last time, When I saw the condition of this road then i called some bad words to those person whom are responsible for this . Well done anyway. When it was cold in the woods, it was a total chill. Remains of fallen trees can be seen on the road in many places. During the rainy season, it will be a pruning job. Another sight in the landslide, when you see some rocks and trees in between, it does not seem like a good sign to see the car speeding up and sitting down. Anyway, Idukki Dam and Hill View Park did not seem to go, as I had seen it many times. Mount Calvary, only 10 km from Idukki, came to mind.

What I saw when I got there was ohh.. It’s really amazing,cant explain what i really feel. At first I wondered why I had never felt like coming here. I was relieved that this might be the time for me to see it. Sunrises are a must see here. The wind in Idukki is a special wind, no doubt. All the faces I saw on Mount Calvary seemed to have regained what they had lost. Then an acquaintance came to the fore.

Idukki’s Dearest MLA Roshi Augustine. I renewed my experience. We talked endlessly about Idukki, tourism and boating services to be launched on the river soon. When I said something to the nearby photographers, they asked who are we. We looked at each other and laughed.The call of hunger has begun. I saw all the preparations for the rain in the sky . I’ll have to get wet if I stay here anymore. I said goodbye to Calvary Mountain with the hope that I would see him next time.

Route – Cheruthoni – The entrance to Calvary Mount is on the Kattappana route, 15 km from Cheruthoni.

Entry fee for visitors is -10
Two Wheeler-10
Jeep, Car-20
Hut (5 hours 5 members) -300
Family Hut -2500 (24Hrs)

Athirappally Valppara Adventerous Trip

Valparai is a must visit destination for all adventurous travelers. A two and a half hour trek from Athirappilly Falls via Vazhachal to enjoy the beauty of the jungle. Although I have been there many times before, I had the opportunity to see more wildlife than usual. Climate similar to Munnar and Ooty added to the excitement of the trip. The hairpin bends from Valparai town to Pollachi are still fresh in my mind. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the tea gardens, the stripes, the wild buffalo, the jungle, the mist, and above all the dense forest, you have to go to Valparai. The most beautiful journey is from Ernakulam to Valparai via Chalakudy. If you go that way, you can see the Athirappilly Falls and turn to Valparai. It can be reached from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. The distance is 64 km. To reach Valparai, one has to climb a 40-lane pass on this route.

Athirappilly, the Niagara Falls of Kerala is the most photogenic waterfall in Kerala. Photo Crazy peoples Paradise. Athirappilly Falls is a beautiful waterfall to see from any angle. Therefore, this waterfall is a colorful presence in the abyss. After Athirappilly, the next journey is through the jungle. Journey through the cold and windy mystery of the forest. It is a different experience.

Nitish: Hey Vishnu whats up, whats the plan tomorrow?
Me: Nothing
Nitish: What if we go for a ride? Didn’t you say then that Pollachi can also be traversed through Malakappara Valparai?
Me: That superb  man, I’m ready to go,I will be ther with my brother
Nitish: I will call Kannan and we can meet at Chalakudy in the morning.

So we started our journey from Chalakudy at around 7.30 pm. A 346-kilometer, intermittent stop to take photos, enjoy the scenery and quench the thirst of hunger. Nice cool road. I had not gone beyond Athirappilly. It has been a long-held desire to go for a ride. So I saw our Chalakudy – Malakappara – Pollachi road as one of our India road trips on a popular Facebook page. So, if there is such a good thrilling route right next to us, then what is life, if you have not experienced all this before God calls you?

With the purchase of a bullet it is a good thrill to go on a journey. To go long. Nitish also has a bullet, so if you have to look, go alone. Do not overdo it. Bullet travel is a 40-60 maximum speed, that’s one way of doing it. The sir at the Vazhachal check post said, if you want to come and go, you have to get here before 4 pm, otherwise the fine is Rs.1000 !! “We are not, sir, we are not today, sir,” he continued. It’s really a journey to go. Mind relaxation, cool. My favorite is the Pollachi route from Valparai. When you reach the Kerala border from there, you can understand the comfort of the Tamil Nadu road. The journey began at 7:30 a.m. and ended at 7:30 p.m. And a lot of good memories. Want to go to Himalayas once in bullet. That is the greatest desire I have ever had. It will take time, But we can wish!.

The Athirappilly-Malakappara Journey offers an opportunity to see the wildlife. For those of us who are familiar with wildlife in zoos, seeing them in the background of the forest can be a different experience. The road is full of thickets and bushes on both sides. In between is the lake known as the Watchmaram. You can also enjoy the beauty of beautiful places like the Aanakkayam, the bridge, the Sholayar Power House and the tea gardens.