Developing Better Concentration – Some Important points

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Developing better Concentration:Important Key points
In today’s competitive scenario,where being ‘average’and ‘above average’ is out of the picture and students are expected to grasp concepts fast and learn effectively to stay competition,it is important that one develop concentration and focuses on learning and intializing things effeciently and effectively.We have endeavored with this edition of our students’ news letter to help you to understand the distraction and tips to overcome them to improve concentration.

Concentration improvement is to be viewed as three step process:

Step 1: Learning the process of poor concentration and deciding which applies to you.
step 2:Understand what you can do to control these factors
Step 3:Making your control habitual

The following table will help you understand the various distractions and inputs on how to control/overcome these causes

how to Concentrating on your studies

Learn the causes,Control the causes
External causes Environmental distractions:TV,chairs that are too comfortable,snacks other people,etc.Leave or rearrange distracting environment.Go to a library or a classroom when you seriously intend to study.
Noise: Musicconversations-train yourself to study away from others and in silence
Internal causes
Physical distractions:hunger,drowsiness.Plan to study when you are most alert.Eat a high protein snack.Do five minutes of lighter exercise to wake up
Find a reason which satisfies you for taking the class;Talk with other students and professor.
Anxiety about Study tasks
make sure you know how to study effectively.put the course in perspective.
Intimidating study task
Break up large tasks into achievable subtasks.Do the most intimidating task first.Give yourself rewards for progress and punishments for avoidance
Seperate daydreaming from studying.when your mind stars to wonder,write down the interupting thought and continue studying.
personal worries
Identify and define the problem and develop a concrete,specific plan to resolve personal worries Talk with someone who can help:a friend’ a docter,a counselor,a specialist.
Make control habitual
Even if you lapse into old habits of distraction and daydreaming keep insisiting that you
concentrate using these controls until you can routinely concentrate will on your studies
for fifty minutes of every hour
The following general tips will help you plan your time better for you to focus your
energies on the task at hand
There can be many things that will deter you from your school/college work.To make time for itall,plot your time on a calender and stick to it
1.Learn how to study in a way that works for you.Find a suitable place to go for studying.This basically means anywhere that is free for temptation to socilize or where you will distracted.your dorm room because it is shared with someoneelse may not be the best place to study.The study lounge or library are probably your best bets
2.Make outlines of all items and topics you have to conquer in a study session.It is not possible for parents and teachers at school/college to look over your shoulder and make sure you are doing your try your best.A good student is one who can handle having a good ime and excelling in academics.
3.Resist the temptation to fall asleep while studying.
4.To avoid being tempted in the first place.dont study anywhere near a bed.Grab some food and     caffine to keep you going.
5.Take rest  but not to often or you will lose your concentration completely and get very sleepy.
6.If having other people around you wont distract you study with a friend or friends. and your study buddies keep each other going and motivate each other .The aforesaid tips along with a god understanding of how you can concentrate will help you perform to the best of your abilities