From the stable to the wild bungalow situated in the middle of a dense forest – A thrilling Travelogue


Last updated on January 28th, 2021 @ 07:33 pm

In the snowy month of December, after nine long months, everyone’s inner travel lover was resurrected. In that resurrection What came to my mind was a cowshed. Even the heavenly Father, Jesus Christ He was born in a stable. Then naturally I thought to myself why not spend two days in such a place on the cold cold nights of December ?. The journey started from the Thrissur Corporation, which is full of skyscrapers, and ended at the Anju Veedu Temple near the forest near Kanthalloor in Idukki. We parked our car there and started an off road jeep safari to Ollavayal Estate in the forest for Rs.500. Halfway through the journey, the jeep jumped from rock to rock. It really took me those 20 minutes to pay ten bucks at festivals as a child It was as if he was going to see the death well exercises. In the end anyway By the time the bones were collected and brought to the estate, the old stable had now risen into a large wild bungalow.

My inner travel lover is very different from those who come looking for AC room, TV, mosquito net and swimming pool in the forest. What I loved were the rare places like this, the more unfamiliar routes, and the more adventurous destinations. These are my travel criteria and at first glance the bungalow hidden in that dense jungle was mind boggling. Truth be told, in the past, when it came to romance, some girls would subdue us at a glance. My mind was really in such a condition at that time.

Then without thinking, my love for the bungalow and the forest spread and I ran all over the place. No matter how much I enjoyed it, I was not satisfied with the beauty of the mountains. Nestled amidst rolling green hills and shady trees, the Forest Bungalow is sure to captivate any visitor at a glance. For anyone who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of civilization, this place offers a new jungle experience. The place was inhabited by ancient Tamils. We know their way of life. Since there were cattle, you can see a cattle shed near the house. Later, when they sold it to a Malayalee and went down to the forest, he had to keep the stable and turn it into a big bungalow. That is the Moonlight Forest Resort we see today. Immersed in the beauty of the Western Ghats during the day, the tent slips into the terrifying footsteps of the forest at night. The gloom, the silence on the floor, or the fact that it might frighten anyone living alone, did not happen to us anyway. That day was also a golden opportunity for the four of us food lovers. Those who want to cook, they can buy all the utensils and bring it here and cook . Knowing that there was nothing to buy as it was a forest, We bought everything from salt to camphor (Its a Malayalam wordings meaning al the essentials)until for the next day’s breakfast from the town of Kovilkadavu. So the food at night and in the morning was good

Instead of notifications on WhatsApp and Facebook, it was the notification of birds that woke me up the next morning. Nature’s notification that night mode has changed to day mode. What nature has reserved before man and human technology. Any guest in the bungalow who waits for the bird to come out in the morning is waiting for the bird ‘nest perched on the tallest tree there. but actually it was not a bird’s nest it was a tree house for seeing the amazing sceneries.

One thing I realized when I reached the top of it through the iron angles. How lucky the birds are and how high they all look from. For a while, I tried to become a bird in that cage. The next evolution from the bird was to land and water creatures. That means next we went to a waterfall there and the Infinity Natural Pool next to it. It is safe to say that we spent a couple of hours on land and in the water. The biggest feature of this place is that it is a private waterfall and since there is no other place nearby, you can come with your family and bathe there for a long time without any hassle. The caretaker said that the wild buffalo and the elephant used to travel through it from time to time but it seems that the day we went was a holiday for them .No one was seen outside.I did not see anyone outside .I once again slowly climbed the mountain with the desire to stay there one day on their working day.