GB 25 bungalow bonacaud, Where even souls want to sleep


It was about two years ago that I first started seeing articles about the Bonacaud bungalow. If you look at Haunted places in Kerala on Google, you will first see the list of 13 year old ghostly, haunted GB 25 bungalow Bonacaud ghost bungalow. A western-style building built in 1951 for a British estate manager to live with his family. Surrounded by dilapidated small houses inhabited by plantation workers. A few days later, a 13 – year – old girl from the family died in a tragic accident. The manager and his family then left India and returned to their homeland. But even after leaving, the evil spirit of the 13-year-old girl wandered around and disturbed the sleep of the people of Bonakad. To this day, I often hear the sound of bursts of laughter and shattering windows at night. A girl who had gone there to collect firewood was once frightened when she saw the appearance of a boy, and was told that she spoke unusually fluent English and that she would die sooner rather than later.

But no one should go to the people of Bonakad alone with the above story. They will drive us across the continent. They are still investigating who is the newspaper reporter who published such a lie. Because there were not a few people who followed in the footsteps of that article that came two years ago and came to invoke the ghost. Today, many people have come to paint the walls of the desolate building with charcoal, which is a direct reflection of love, friendship and the “variations” of the Malayalam language. In the murals, you can see everything from love letters to how much a ghost can spend a night. Whether it is the Taj Mahal or the Bonakad ghost bungalow, a good percentage of the common traits of the Malayalees have been painted there.

When I reached Bonakad, I thought I could have a cup of tea before going up to the bungalow. While sitting on the bench of Neethu’s Tea Stall, which seemed to be the best tea shop there, and ate an omeletteĀ  and hot tea specially made by the Bonakad people with their own tea. Then the old man who came there first asked if i had come to go to the bungalow.On my way back to the Agasthyarkoodam base camp, I made sure to see the bungalow and return. The journey continued. I thought Rose Hill was the only off-road place in Thiruvananthapuram. But the road from Bonakad to the bungalow is a great experience. The well-tarred road is only a short distance away, and after a while you reach the front of the bungalow along a rocky, dirt and rocky path. What was most distressing was the plight of the neighbors. Such a beautiful estate lost all its pride and the estate was closed due to the labor strike. Many of the workers who lived there have since left their homes, but many families still live there, hoping to get the rest of the money back. Along the way, party offices with the scent of revolution still stand in many places.

After the Mud Path, go straight ahead in front of a large tree that has been blocked and overturned. It seemed as if the right foot was heading towards the Titanic, but the first entry to the bungalow would start from there and stop at the gate. No one will suspect when entering the compound. A bungalow of the kind that can be seen in the Conjuring series movies. (Stories seemed to have the same resemblance) Even we would doubt that there is a ghost. It seems that even the ghosts do not want to live in such a huge bungalow. When I went inside the bungalow, I was really surprised at first and then jealous. A small hall in front of the bungalow, built in a completely exotic style. If you pull up a chair and look ahead, you will get a beautiful view of Bonakad and Peppara Dam. A baby bungalow with three bedrooms, kitchen, hall and fireplace. The people who lived there seemed to be really lucky. When I took some photos and sat there for a while and came back, I felt very angry with the reporter. Because he made up a lie about such a beautiful place, and so anti-socials destroyed this place like this.

Today it is home to anti-social elements. The area is often devastated by everything, including alcohol and drugs. A small village inhabited by a good group of people now topped in google’s list of most haunted areas in Kerala. After reading this post, please do not plan to go and stay there for a day. This is just a place where some good locals and some poor cows are living peacefully ,You can go there and see and enjoy without disturbing them.

NB: If there are people who are planning to search for the ghost and stay in the middle of the night, let me tell you now, I do not guarantee your property or life. The living are more to be feared today than the dead.One more thing to say that please don’t go there to show your drawing talents in the walls of this beautiful bungalow and also please don’t leave plastic bags and bottles their.These are the gift of our nature,we have to be maintained it very well for the upcoming generations.