How to Blow a Job Interview – Tips

Important points to remember before an interview,How to present successfully sucess,tips and tricks,Preparation


Last updated on June 7th, 2020 @ 01:33 pm

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The interview is the ultimate test of a candidate’s suitability for a job.Always remember a strong personal interview can compensate for a weak resume. This is where a candidates appearance, manners, charisma, communication skill strategic thinking and fittest with the company’s culture are scrutanised and evaluated

Preparation for the  Interview

                   Always punctual for an interview.In fact it is advisable to arrive a few minutes prior to the interview to collect your thoughts and review your research,or any last minutes preparation tips.Know in advance the exact location of the interview and what time you are expected to be there                    Always be prepared for the interview by knowing the following information;the interviewer’s name,there titte and as much information about the company that you are able to gather.A potential employer will be impressed with the fact that you are interested in knowing about the company prior to you working there.It shows a high degree of dedication and motivation                  Dress conservatively and in business attire.Your appearance should be professional and you should always be well groomed

                      Be prepared to ask questions about the company that are relevant to the positionbeing sought.For example,you may adk about the training programs available,the reporting structure ,or the specific responsibilites of the position

  At the Interview

One cannot stress enough the importance of proper posture and body language at an interview.You could have all the correct answers but your body language is sending negative messages,the interviewer will likely focus on your nonverbal communication.Your handshake must be firm and friendly.Warm-up yor handa slightly,just prior to the interview so that you do not extend a cold,or for that matter,a prespiring handle confidently and politely wait for the interviewer to offer you a place to sit.Maintain  eye contact as much as possible throughout the whole interview.but try not to stare.Speak slowly and clearly .Do not cross your arms infront of you.Sit upright with your back against the chair ,or leaning slightly forward ,showing interest.Do not cross your legs,but keep both feet planted on the ground,remember to stay relaxed.

At he interview ,you should have a pen,a writing pad ,copies of your resume ,and refference letters .As well, a short list of job related  questions is a good idea.All this should carried in a neat attache.