How to Find Scraped Content and the Scrapers


Last updated on March 15th, 2020 @ 05:01 pm

Content is the main factor in blog writing,may be we can say  ” Content is the king ” which related to so many factors.In content marketing the quality of the content will gives you so many rewards like advertising Revenue ,consumers/readers love it because they will get great information based on their searches.Content marketing mainly aims the advertisers because they love good quality contents such contents brings heavy traffics to that particular page/site thus advertisers will get great exposure to their brand or product.So many great things happen only because of good quality content then there will be some risks too.The main risk is Content Scrapping or content stealing

What is content scraping.

When someone write good quality content and get good response from search engines then people try to steal their traffic and revenue by copying the entire content and republish it into their sites,then gradually decreases the traffic of the original content website.Content Scrapping is a shameless activity ,but it is happening in huge volume and may be because it is an easy method to ruining someones reputation and traffic in digital world,and because of the false assumption that it may help to increases the traffic of their sites and may help to build more relevant page quickly.But people don’t understand that purely scraped content make no sense,they will never give any added value to their may cause copyright issues in some cases.

There are some questions arising in every bloggers or content writers’ mind when Someone Outranking You With Your Own Content

1. How we can find content scraping/scrapers ?

2. How to Find Out Who is Stealing Your content ?

3. How to prevent content scraping

4. How to remove your content from scraper’s website / How to remove infringing content ?

5. How to report scraped content to google ?

There are some methods to find and remove scraped content

1. Simply Search on google

This is the first method for finding scraped content that Outranking You With Your Own Content.Just select your title or a part of your content and search it on google or other search engine you will find queries related to that search.if there is any scraped content surely it will shown,may be your site will appear in first but don’t neglect to look below may be there you can see other websites having the same content ,without any change of a single some cases people ill do quick tricks to hide their robbery by modifying the content slightly by substituting the existing words with synonyms or they will use any content scraping tools or softwares

2.Use plagiarism checker tools like Copyscape for finding scraped content

Cpyscape is an online software service which lets you to detect duplicate content in the web.for this just copy the url of the particular post and paste it into copyscape interface then search.if there are any duplicate content or scraped content copyscape will show it.In copyscape premium version you will see so many other features,in this you can search using text and url both

3.Use google Alerts.

Google alerts will help you to find scraped content.this is not so much advanced one and not for really finding scraped
content ,but we can use it for finding scraped content.

For this firstly Go to google alert account. signin to your google account.

create an alert. then you can see a new window having some the tilte field enter your articles title and select the appropriate options in the below boxes and update the alert.when something that related to you alerts published on internet. google will give you an email alert to the particular email id which you enter into the alert form.Thus you can find scraped content,but this is just only a basic method but may be helpful in some occasions.

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Methods for removing scraped content

google introduced a new method that we can report a scraper url which is outranking the original source of content in google

Submit a Scraper Report to Google ( Report Stolen Content to Google)

For Removing Content From Google Fill the scraper report  with your site’s url from where the content was taken and the exact scraped site’s url in which your content was reproduced ,and the google search url ,which shows the exact problem and the presence of the scraped website in google search.

Submit a DMCA complaint to the hosting Company where the scraper site is hosted.

Most of the hosting company has a separate email id or form through which we can report them that any of their client websites using our works illegally without our permission.For this we have to make an email in which all the essential details must be included.for example If we found a scraper website which is hosted in godaddy ,then we have to inform them by using their email id for complaining about Copyright Infringement “”.It is important to include both url

1.Url on your site where the content was taken from

2.Scraper site’s url

Important note : it is important that your site must follow all the webmaster guidelines

In most cases this will work and the hosting company will check and take necessary action .Generally they will down the particular url by notifying the owner of the scraped websites