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WordPress installation Step by Step Guide.
First Download the latest stable version of wordpress from site and you will get a compressed zip file and extract the files.You will get a wordpress named folder containing the essential files of the wordpress software. Don’t make any change to the files.Then upload it to your server’s root folder using any file transferring software like filezilla.If you upload it to your servers root folder eg: Then log on to your site and the wordpress installation window appears. Before going to proceed the installation process. You need to create a MySQL database for WordPress to store your important files and other data including images,texts comments users details etc. Because when you proceed further installation steps WordPress asks for database username and password.fill the essential data into theĀ  respective fields.

How to create MySQL Database on your server

In the very first step in the installation process you can see a message which tells that you don’t have a wp-config.php file and you should create one.


A wp-config.php file,in which wordpress stored some important data like your MySQL username password admin username and password etc.
After creating wp-config.php file next step describe the essential data needed for the ongoing installation process

that is database name database password,your host name database table prefix etc,proceed the step and you will reach the next page
asking all these data.Enter the details of newly created database then submit it.If the details are correct you are almost done.

The next page is for starting the installation process.Click the Run install button and wait for few minutes to complete the installation process.It usually needs little time based on the internet sand server speeds but not takeĀ  too much time.

If the installation procedure succeeded you can see a new page asking for the administrator account details.


Enter the details and submit it.Now you can see a success message thus your WordPress application is successfully installed on your server.

You can login to your administrator account using the user name and password that you just given.