How to Propose a Girl?


Last updated on February 19th, 2021 @ 03:49 pm

Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

I would like to describe love as perhaps the greatest gift God has given to man (whether you are a believer in God or you can think this way, a very beautiful feeling that has existed in man since evolution or in living things since the time of the earth). Perhaps it is not known if there is anything else that affects the social order of man so much. That being said, you may be wondering if love has such an impact on our lives. But I do think so. Perhaps those who are not in love or those who are frustrated with love may have the opposite opinion. You may ask why it is so glorified, and the answer to that.

When we talk about love, we need to understand what it is, how, and how we approach this emotion. Perhaps many of the misconceptions you have understood are due to distorted views on it. There is a huge difference between love and liking and things can only become clearer if we understand that difference more deeply. We may like many things on this earth but love can happen when selfishness and sexuality reach a certain ratio. But the fluctuations in both of these can also distort this beautiful feeling. Here are some arguments that man is a polygamist and that he can never love only one person, many of which need to be discussed in depth and contain facts. But what I’m going to say is that it’s probably a denial of all facts. Maybe that’s my only belief. But one thing is for sure, there is a small group of people who believe in that sherry and they may be enjoying this feeling well.

What I’ve given below is how to awaken this feeling in you in a very direct way in life. But it is also a single root for individuals who think very casually. But if you try to understand what I am saying very carefully you can probably make a big difference in yourself. I am well aware that this is a dangerous game with minds. But it is one of the most beautiful emotions in life that we forget to experience, or go unnoticed. The amazing changes that can happen to a person when he realizes its reality, cannot be ignored to say when thinking about all these.

The fact is that no matter how much we resist, it will violate the controls of our mind and it will happen. The general fact that many people say is selfless love is the fact that there is no possibility of it in love. Selfishness is the most indispensable element of love. But it has to be said that love is also the ability to control it. Because we can only accept it if it is added in a certain ratio. If one person misplaces the ratio, it will be bad for both. In fact, it seems that our lives are a competition between certain realities and fantasies. Have you ever felt like that ?.

The fact is that we have not yet gotten to the point. It felt like it should be given so much introduction. I know it’s very difficult to read someone else’s crazy thoughts, but I can not stop writing.

She Love someone who care her the mostgirls-alwas-love-a-caring-m

Most of the girls love a man who cares her the most.she love them if she felt she is secure with him.and some one who respect her feelings and gave equal importance to her also.

Be a Man,Behave like a man not like a coward

If you feel love to some one who is an unknown person to you.Then you have to introduce yourself.Be a man behave like that because every girls love to love someone who is brave enough at least they have the guts to face a girl and express their attitude in a manly way .

Be yourself

Please don’t add special color to your character means if you pretend something actually you don’t have,but that may be help you initially but sooner you will lose your love of life.because you can’t act throughout your life.

Girls Love Surprises

Girls are Generally romantic by nature and they love Surprises very much.You can win her heart by continuously giving surprises,like beautiful moments and places she love,gift she love the most,gave chances to meet someone she eagerly want to meet etc.  

You must know your girl’s culture,life style and Moral values before proposing

Because some girls still expect a traditional and simple type of approach, to understand this there is a trick her lifestyle must show her nature.In General cases such girls are more shy and show High Moral values(That doesn’t means others don’t have),they don’t talk too much to others means friends and colleagues,try to avoid public events and appearances otherwise friends should force them to come. But a daring performance surely help you to win her mind.

Keep the Proposal a Secret one

Please Don’t become a disturbance,make casual occasions

Try to make friendship,and make planned occasion to meet casually.

Be Confident and Unique While Proposing a Girllove-proposal-be-confident

Which will be something new and special so makes plan,Keep this important point in your mind that may be it will fails but don’t worry it will surely  helps you in another way .Because each and every unique attempt will touch her mind in a way ,and also you will get a special place in her mind(You should chose plans in accordance with her behavior and Moral values ).

Selection of Place is Very Important

Selection of place is very important find a romantic place for proposing her .Girls love romantic places and occasions,which helps to make her to become more romantic.