Important points to remember before buying a wordpress premium theme


Last updated on December 19th, 2019 @ 12:22 pm

Premium WordPress themes offers plenty of features as compared to  free WordPress themes,and it offers freedom of customization. When we planning to buy a WordPress theme there are lot of things to remember.

1. Authentic Sources to buy WordPress premium Theme

When we planning to buy a premium wordpress theme, From where ? that’s the main question and the main issue we are facing  ,There are so many place which offers free or nulled premium themes,but choosing such source make you really vulnerable.For example now a days it is seen that there are so many site’s which offers premium WordPress themes for free,Yeah it’s really premium WordPress themes, but the nulled versions of original themes .Such themes may have malicious code built in,for hacking your site or stealing your traffic by redirecting the users to other websites.But there are some sites which offers premium WordPress themes for free and may be such themes are perfectly clean,but there also have some problems

That is someone else work, stealing others work is really illegal and have chances of facing copyright  related legal issues. A WordPress theme must need regular update based on the new releases of wordpress software how we get regular update in a nulled script. Another thing is that there is no morality in such activity. Developing a premium WordPress theme needs hours of hard work. But you can use such themes for checking it’s performance and other features by simply installing it locally (in your computer using Wamp server or any such software)

So considering all these factor avoid nulled or cracked versions of premium wordpress themes ,Here is the list of some of the best authentic sources to buy premium themes

Two types of sources are their to buy premium WordPress themes

1.Theme Vendors
2.Theme Market places.

Theme vendors are small groups of developers they usually concentrated on the development of a number of themes only.If you are interested to buy from a vendor ” WordPress Directory of Commercial Themes.” will guide you to some of the authentic and high quality vendors such as MH Theme , Graph Paper Press , Elegant Theme , Theme Isle etc.

Another place for Premium WordPress themes are Theme Market places like ThemeForest , WooThemes , WPMU DEVStudioPress , MOJO Themes , Creative Market etc.This may be a nice selection because theme developers (may be small groups of developers or a single one) submit their work in such online stores and they pay a small commission for each sale to the market place. In these kind of market place there are plenty of themes and other plugins so developers may get more buyers based on their theme quality.In such site’s there are some buyer rating systems to understand the quality of that particular theme,In these marketplace we can check the theme feedback through buyers responses effectively than Theme vendors site,because Theme vendors always try to post only favorable comments and feedback from users ,because that’s their website,but in market places that may not happen

2. Authenticity of that particular theme

Authenticity of a theme is important,Usually developers place their premium themes into leading online theme selling stores,In such stores there are few methods to understand the quality of the theme.Check the Theme created date and the last updated date.A good quality theme will update regular basis,check the number of buyers,compare with other theme’s buyers count and date of creation in the market place.In some market place like Themeforest we can sort the themes on the basis of top sellers,top rated etc that will not give you a complete review but gives you some clue,Always try to select your category of themes from top selling themes that may be helpful


4. Is it offers good customer support

Good customer support is essential for every product business.In the case of premium WordPress theme; Developer’s support is very important,because there are so many doubts will arise when the installation and configuration process going on .Each theme settings are different from one another .so check the customer support forum or discussion session in the market place before buying the theme and check ,is the question and answer session going on correctly ? , is the developers could answer all the questions of their clients quickly ?, Is their clients are happy ? . These researches will gives you little more effective understanding about the theme.

3. Is that WordPress premium theme is compatible for essential WordPress plugins

Another important point is ,plugin compatibility.we all know that plugins will add extra features to our wordpress  website. If you already have a WordPress site and you installed some essential plugins according to your site needs,then you decided change your current theme and you bought a new theme and installed it,after that you realize some of your plugins are not compatible with the theme ,what you will do in such conditions.So read the theme description details carefully and also try ask your doubts and discuss about your demands and needs to theme authors as a pre sale question  in the comment places of the theme stores. Thus you can understand if that particular theme is compatible for your site’s essential plugins.
5. Is it offers regular update based on the latest WordPress releases.

We all know that WordPress team will release new versions of software time to time ,for adding extra features and solving security issues ,when a developer may create a theme based on a particular version of the WordPress software . when wordpress team releases new versions, the theme also needs an update because each theme folder may include many types of plugins too if the theme not get updated with respect to the WordPress releases .There may have chances of plugin incompatibility issues

6.Is it suitable for your need
Check the theme demo thoroughly and understand wheather it is suitable for your needs.Discuss the theme authors about your needs and demands,and they will tell you if their theme can stisfy all your needs.

A premium WordPress theme must be Responsive, Browser Compatible,must follow latest web standards.It must works flawlessly with the latest version of WordPress.Use W3C Validator,for checking the whether the theme is well-coded or not.