Important points to remember Before Taking Medicine as a career

What are the responsibilities involved in it,CAREER PLANNING GUIDE


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Medicine is a science and art of healing.Many young people are attracted towards this career because of the thrill and glamour attached to the profession where a doctor is almost god like and helps alleviate pain and suffering and ensures health for everyone.the honor and prestige along with the gain also attract young people to this field.However it is necessary to understand the many responsibilities involved,and only then seek this career.which will give both challenges and rewards

Since carrier in the field of medicine aims at conquering pain and suffering ,A person desirous of taking up medicine as a carrier must possess a missionary zeal to serve humanity .The work also requires a thorough study of human mind and body not only as a foundation to build a career but also to keep up with the latest development in the field.A keen observation and an alert mind are very necessary to be able to understand patients and diagnose ailments at times patients are likely to come at odd hours, and a doctor must prepared to work in emergencies or during his time of rest and leisure .

The training of the doctor is more rigorous than that of any other professional.medicine has become more scientific and it has also become more complicated .From the initial years in a medical college right up to specialisation,the route is long and ardous.The study of medicine needs a logical mind and a scientific approach ,the ability to collect learn and co relate informations.

In the past all the doctors were general practitioners But medical knowledge has increased a hundred fold in the last four decades and most doctors can’t keep peace with all important advancement .Hence a large number of doctors have to specialize in different branches of medicine.Studies may go on fr nearly ten years before you become a specialist in

When we talk of medicine it is assumed that we are talking of the allopathic system of medicine .In india the two system of medicine generally adopted are allopathy and indigenous sysytems.While alloopathy is practised by physicians and surgeons who have completed MBBS and higher education in modern medicine,the Ayurvedic and the Unani systems are practised by persons having done B.A.M.S OR BUMS.Othe rsystems being practised in india are Homeopathy and Naturopathy and Bio-chemic.Each has its own importance and offers career opportunities.

Young men and women Who desire to choose a career of a doctor have to face a long, difficult,and extensive training period .It is very competitive course only highly motivated students with a good academic record compete . Those interested in the medical section must take a decision at class 10 level and study physics chemistry and biology at the +2 level.There are medical colleges in every state While some are controlled by central or state governments,others are administrated by municipal and private bodies.Admissions are extremely tough .It is done either through competitive entrance exams or mak obtained in the qualifying exam .The competitive exams are very tough and so the students must take special coaching to attend the exam.

Modern Medicine

Modern medicine compares course like M.B.B.S, MD,MS etc.Even though in india we have traditional system of medicine ,Allopathy or modern medicine is commonly accepted and practised

in india there are 200 medical colleges giving courses in modern medicine .Admission to the M.B.B.S course is through national and state level entrance test .15% of the seats in these medical colleges are filled through all India Entrance Examination conducted by C.B.S.E New Delhi .For the rest of the seat s,entrance tests are conducted by the individual states/Universities concerned .


The Graduate medical education offers a Bachelor’s Degree qualification known as MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) to aspiring candidates.The course is 4.5 hears of classroom study followed by a year of rotating internship.

Getting admission in medical college of your choice in our country is not easy due to constraints of
domicile status.There are medical institutions where domicile status is not required.These institutions select students on all India basis by all India entrance examination

After M.B.B.S one can specialize in a particular medical field by obtaining a Post graduate Degree.The specialization may be as master of medicine (MD) with specialization like

Bacteriology,Physiology,Medicine,Psychiatry,Pathology,Biochemistry,pediatrics,Social and preventive Medicine,pharmacology,Forensic medicine,Obstetrics and Gynecology,Dermatology,and Venereology,Tuberculosis, and Chest diseases,Radio Therapy,Radio diagnosis etc. and Master of Surgery,(MS)with specialization like Anatomy,ophthalmology,Orthopedics,E.N.T,Surgery,Obstetrics,gynecology etc.After master degree one can also obtain a Doctoral Degree in Medicine (DM) in any one of the specialized fields like Gastroenterology,Cardiology,Nephrology etc.