Nilambur – The lover of Chaliyar


Nilambur, the first time I heard this name was when I was a child going to my aunt’s house in Devala, Nilgiri district. When you reach Nilambur, there is a unique feature on the way. Teak forests and bamboo groves appear on both sides of the path. It is said that the name Nilambur has been derived from the word “Nilambangalude ooru”. Nilimba means Bamboo in Sanskrit. Like teak, Nilambur is an area where it is found in abundance. It is said that this is why this name came. Although it is a municipality, I have felt to myself that this one town has something that no other municipality can claim. The location of this town close to nature is second to none. If you want to know it exactly, you have to get off at Nilambur Road railway station by train.

How beautiful is the view of the Western Ghats from there. Apart from this, the people of many small towns and villages like Akambadam, Pothukal, Khingakadav, Edakkara, Chunkathara, Karulai and Munderi depend on them for education, employment and entertainment purposes. The relevance of this town will be complete only if the railway line is also mentioned. People from neighboring areas as well as areas like Goodalur Devarshola Devala Pantallur Natukani located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu depend on Nilambur Road railway station to go to Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram for education, medical purposes etc. Apart from this, the people of this region have depended on this town for many years to watch movies.

Therefore, the importance of this town is not limited to it. Even in this era, the importance of the municipality Nilambur is that it is a town that depends on so many areas. Teak trees are the first thing that comes to the mind of some people when they hear the name Nilambur. Located below the Western Ghats, this area is home to a large number of teak trees. These add to the beauty of the area.
A good example of that is the Connolly plot before reaching Nilambur. After coming a little after Vadapuram, there is a view of teak plantations on both sides – those who have passed that way know its beauty.

Nilambur teak is a species that has received a geographical indication tag. This designation is given to a quality unique resource or property of a region. For example Aranmula Kandy, Tirupati Ladu and Kuthampulli Handloom. Thus for the first time a forest resource was obtained through Nilambur teak. The Connolly Plot is the world’s first man-made tea plantation. It is situated on the banks of Chaliyar river. To reach here one has to cross a suspension bridge across the river Chaliyar. Teak trees were planted here in 1846. It was started by Sir Lieutenant Henry Valentine Connolly who was the Collector and Magistrate of Malabar District in British India. It was later known after him. Teak Museum is another must-visit place for visitors to Nilambur.
It is located on the way from Nilambur to Khingadav. Apart from the teak museum, it also has a butterfly garden, an orchid garden, a beautiful garden and a children’s park.
(₹50 entry fee) . I visited it recently.

My limited knowledge is that although there are many museums in the world, a museum named after a forest resource like this is rare.
Various specifications and information about teak are available from here. There is also a small park for children to play and a small well maintained garden. The fact that it is being maintained so well is certainly commendable. Chaliyar River flows along the banks of Nilambur.
Gold nuggets have been recovered from its shores. And Chaliyar is the lifeblood of this town. Now talking about the transportation, the road route is one of the easiest ways to reach Ooty and Mysore from various parts of Malappuram and some parts of Kozhikode.
CNG road also known as Calicut-nilambur-gudalur road is the main road passing through this town. KSRTC has a sub-depot and a private stand at Nilambur.

From various parts of Kerala to Mysore/Bangalore and Ooty via Natukani Pass
Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu government and private buses ply this route. Nilambur Road Railway Station is located about four kilometers from Nilambur town. As the name suggests, this station is located about four kilometers from Nilambur town
Generally, ‘road’ refers to railway stations located some distance away from major towns eg Mookambika Road, Vaikom Road and Piravam Road. Currently there are direct train services from here to Shornur, Palakkad, Kottayam and Kochuveli. In terms of hospitals, Chaliyar Hospital and Government Hospital are the important hospitals here. My knowledge is that in case of any emergency, one should still go to Perinthalmanna itself.

Coming to entertainment, there is currently only one theater here – Fairy Land. But it has four screens. This theater was established by actor Rahman’s cousin.
There used to be four theaters here – Jyoti Kirti Rajeshwari Fairy Land. Nilambur was once one of the three releasing centers in Malappuram district. Others were Tirur Perinthalmanna. Mancheri Vandoor Pookottumpadam Akambadam Dhingakadav moviegoers from a very large area depended on the theaters in this town to watch a released movie. Apart from this, I have also heard that when a Rajinikanth movie is released, the audience comes here, including from many areas of the Nilgiri district. How can a post about this town stop without mentioning a few famous people here!!!
First of all let’s start with Nilambur Ayesha who added the name of this town to her name. Nilambur Ayesha is a theater artist known all over Kerala.

Actor Rahman, magician Gopinath Mutukad who was the master of magic arts, former minister Shri Aryadan Muhammad and football wizard Asif Zaheer are also these locals. If we talk about the tourist attractions, many sights like Adyanpara Falls, Nadukani Pass, Nedunkayam and Teak Museum are open to the tourists. Therefore, Nilambur is a must visit town in Kerala.

✒️Rohit CP