The moment heard the footsteps of a woman on the forehead of Agasthyarkoodam.


The satisfying moments of seeing the beauty of Agasthyan(Mountain) dreamed of reading and hearing cannot be forgotten. Three days of loving the forest as if in a meditation without thinking of anything else. The beauty of the unseen forest is indescribable. This is the first time I have gone on such a long trek. After two days, he knew that it was the exam he had been waiting for, but he did not back down. It was not in the name of the right earned by the court verdict, but in the journey to see the interior and return. On my way back to Bonakad in the early morning with my friend, I was greeted by a snowy cold morning. Body and mind were torn apart. Yes, my passion is going to bloom. I’m moving towards Agasthyan’s head.

There were nine women in the group of about 100 that day. Long journey with bag hanging. The chirping of birds, the rhythm of the rivers, the trees and bushes waiting with the swing of the vines, the flowering trees, the beautiful flowers, the total beauty. After drinking water from the streams and talking excitedly to those who came after the trip, we reached the Athirumala base camp at 5 pm. It was interesting to see a Tamil Nadu man talking to Swamy on the way. When we reached Athirumala, we saw all the faces we had seen in the beginning. Walking through the woods often turned into one, two or three people. My trek was from the 18th to the 20th of January. After a 16 km jungle trek on the first day, I reached Athirumala and looked ahead and saw Augustine looking up at me. After leaving the bag and belongings in the living room, he drank a cup of coffee. Then he ran to a place where he could see Augustine a little more clearly. The setting sun has bathed Augustine in red. What a sight to behold. There he climbed a rock and stared at Augustine until dark. Strong winds, snow and cold rushed into his body. It was cold all night.

On the second day, at 8.30 am, he started walking towards Agasthyan, surviving the cold. If you want to know the beauty of the jungle, you have to come here. A variety of forests that are beautifully dressed without any hesitation. When I reached at the Etta forest, I could smell the elephant’s Dung. There were many streams in the forest waiting with fresh water so there was no need for water in hand. On the second day, can reach Augustine by climbing a steep 6 km. The Pongala rock is spread out in the middle of the path. She is also very beautiful. I sat on her lap for some time and rested. A stream flows proudly through the middle of the Pongala rock. The roads to Pongala Rock are difficult but no one is tired. Forward again.

To a world full of herbs and a variety of flowers and trees. There is no time to watch and enjoy anything. Because, Agasthyan is waiting. At one point the guide said. Now you are about to enter the AC forest. It was like arriving in an AC room with nature. The sound of birds can now be heard very clearly. Touching the leaves is like touching the ice. Then I saw bonsai forests. After experiencing many of the wonders of the universe, hanging on the ropes through the rock and enjoying it finally reached Agasthyan’s head. By then the time was 12.30.

For a while Augustine lay on his lap. When the sunbeam caught my eye I immediately got up and filmed the whole view with video and photo. The idol of Sage Agastya stared at it for some time. As per the court order, there is no entry as there is no pooja this year … When I saw people resting here and there, I suddenly had an idea. Called everyone together and took a group photo.

Now it’s time to go back. No one will be allowed to stand there after 2 p.m. When I started descending the same paths that went up, I met a doctor from the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. Then the whole conversation was about nature. The doctor presented some nice photos. Upon arrival at the base camp, the urge to drink porridge kept stirring in my mind. The descent was more difficult than the ascent. As soon as we reached the camp, we drank porridge with full stomach. The strong winds of the first day were not present on the second day. Slept comfortably.

On the third day he woke up in the morning and left for Bonakat at 7.30. After two days of travel fatigue and the weight of the bag, I was well exhausted. When I saw the tribesmen carrying the necessary food items to the base camp, I was reminded of the cruel faces of those who commented that the food had no taste. In between we walked alone in the forest for about an hour. I felt a little scared but at that time I felt the real look of the forest. Although I know it’s not safe to walk alone in the woods, I do enjoy walking alone every now and then.

In between, I jumped into a waterfall, bathed in ice-cold water. With that, a lot of fatigue changed. When I finally reached Bonakad, I clapped loudly in the hand of Ajmal who was with me very happily. Then I called out, “Here we come back” … It took some time to meet Agasthyan and believe that he had returned to Bonakad. The female mind can only desire. There was much to call those who said they could not be conquered. But the realization that nothing can replace anything taught me to remain silent.

“Whatever happens, you must reach Agasthyan’s head. Do not come back to me until the trek is complete,” She said, looking at the face of the friend who had sent me, and my eyes filled with joy for a moment. Yes, I have come back to see Agasthyan. If you ask me if I can enjoy the jungle as much as I would like, the answer is no. The reason is that there is a long way to go. If I can reach that peak once again, I will capture the rest of the sights in my heart.