To the Tamil village of Kinnakorai where the sun rises in the afternoon.


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When fell in love with the night and started our journey and reached the check post in the morning, suddenly a fear was born inside. This is often because the wheels, which are moving forward without worrying of a speck within the dark, suddenly stop spinning. And a check post across the road. Next thereto may be a board called ‘Kerala Border’. The road ends there. there’s a little question within the minds of the many that a traveler unknowingly arrives at some Indo-Pak border. Have we changed the way we came? How far does one need to go back? a thousand questions come to mind on whether we should always hand over the journey halfway. But opening that check post at 6 AM will answer all of your questions. I used to be talking about the check post at Mulli within the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border area of Palakkad district.

The train left Thrissur at 12 noon and reached Palakkad at 5.30 pm via Mannarkkad, Athappadi and Thavalam. To reach Kinna Kora, a hilly village in Tamil Nadu, one has to cross the border and travel through the jungle. The bus company from Kerala ends here. At dawn, a mud road are often seen from there. once you open the check post at 6 am and go just 50 meters ahead, you’ll see a milestone that tells history. it’s marked as Kerala approach one side and Madras state line on the opposite . it’s believed to possess been established during the partition of the state. this is often because Kerala came into being in 1956 but the name Tamil Nadu came into existence in 1960.

When the little travels a brief distance along the dirt road, it becomes subsequent check post in Tamil Nadu . The road from Coimbatore to Manjur also connects there. that is the way big vehicles come here. Beyond that check post, nature hides an untouched wild beauty that nobody has enjoyed much. Elephants play within the shadows of darkness nightly on the hillside .Therefore, night travel is prohibited. The elephant knows the time of opening of the check post, but on some days the timing of the elephant is wrong when the sun, which is low on battery, is just too late thanks to the intensity of the cold. At those times they’re sometimes seen in clusters on hairpin bends. So I opened the check post and got the recommendation of the forest rangers. ‘Yana Iruk Path Poenka’

The first is a panoramic view of the Canada Powerhouse. Water is collected from springs at the top of the hill and transported through large pen stroke pipes to a large building at the base, where electricity is generated. Many Tamil films are shot here within the past. it’s believed to possess been named the Canada Powerhouse because it had been built with Canadian help. the top board, which is typically found in dams, is additionally installed here. ‘Photography Prohibited’. So copy that view and replica to the memory card, which is that the unlimited storage of the mind, and advance again.

Next up was an image of a gorgeous waterfall. initially glance it appeared like a 3D picture drawn within the woods. Upon closer inspection, it had been discovered that the falling water droplets were alive. within the middle of the dense forest, clear water droplets completely tore the sleep deprivation and therefore the fatigue that spread from top of the top to foot. After taking a shower for a short time , I felt trembling and hungry because the cold finally entered my body. Hunger are often tolerated anyway. But, unable in touch the tremor, he slowly finished bathing and got into the car and slowly began to roll the wheels.

Starting from Gada, those 43 hairpin bends start to amaze any traveler. . You have to follow 43 hairpin bends to reach the snowy city of Manjur. If you want to eat something, you must reach Manjoor. Later, you can see the snow-covered boards covered in snow. The views below will amaze you as you reach Capitol Hill, those 43 hairpin bends that bathe you in the cold. it’s usually a relief to travel for hours during a desolate place and see the signs of human habitation. But I often get scared. Because man features a habit of destroying the land. once we were greeted by that cold intersection we saw no particularly noticeable changes except that one or two home stays raised their heads.

Saji’s Nilgiri Hotel is found at the crossroads. the connection between Saji and me is extremely old. He also will be the sole English-speaking hotel owner in Manchuria. Manchurian was covered in snow at one end of the world , with little contact with the surface world, which was largely inaccessible at the time. once I first met Saji, a Malayalee; i used to be even as surprised as SK Pottakad once I saw Saji, Chanthukunju and Unnikutty from Kozhikode at the market in Mombasa, where wild people meet with green soil and forest resources.Anyway, Manchoor Special Iddali and Sampar said to renew that have . albeit the hotel is owned by a Malayalee, the staff are from Tamil Nadu so you do not need to tell them the taste of their chutney and sambar.

As the greatest moment of human life was a journey to an unknown place, the train moved from there to Kinnakorai, which was unprecedented or unspoken. The train passes through Thazhola and this place can be called Meesappulimalai in Tamil Nadu. it is so snowy here. Snow clouds are under my feet. Kailash, which is seen in Hindi serials, seems to be here. there’s another beautiful view adorning each side of the road with yellow flowers called Everlasting Flowers or Ootti flowers. Since my mother was an educator , it had been a daily gift she gave me per annum when she returned from a tour together with her children. Today I slowly picked those flowers that had not withered for a year to offer back to my mother as a present .

Going a touch beyond there, the road splits into two, Kinnakorai and Aparbhavani. Since he had already gone to Aparbhavani, he turned to Kinna Korai Road in search of unseen routes and sights. The sun shone through the trees along the way sort of a high max light found out between the trees at the marriage . We took a couple of pictures therein high max light and moved on again. The board ‘Kinnakorai’ has given the vision. a gorgeous small village with tea gardens all around. an equivalent virgin land I saw in Meghamala years ago. Kinnakorai is additionally referred to as the Jail Gardens. within the past, it had been an open prison for criminals.

By the time it had been afternoon, everyone was beginning to feel hungry. initially i used to be disappointed when asked if there was anything to dine in Mahesh Chetta’s tea shop. Because tourists don’t are available large numbers. So Idli is that the only tea and breakfast made within the morning. He understood our plight and gave us an idea. If you go a little further, this road will reach the village as Heriazage. Fifteen minutes walk from there there is a beautiful view point. He understood our plight and gave us an idea. If you go a little further, this road will reach the village as Heriazage. Fifteen minutes walk from there there is a beautiful view point.From there you’ll see the gorgeous mountains of Kerala. I’ll make some idli for you to be hungry by the time you see it again. If it had been Iddali, no problem I drove straight there. If the journey had the facility to vary even the sleep deprivation of the night, you’ll imagine its beauty.

Flowers of different colors and sizes never seen before on either side of the road. It’s 30 km from Manjur and 190 km from Thrissur. We’ve finally seen the top of that path. many houses during a row. just one common wall from one house to subsequent . A special community called Badagad resides here. Their language may be a mixture of Kannada and Tamil which don’t have their own script. within the evenings the lads take in long seats found out there. The way of life and customs are very interesting. Lying, robbery and murder don’t affect the people of Iowa. they provide their own beans as dowry for marriage. this is often their main food even on special days. Babies whose feet are stuck within the dirt and stones to facilitate blood circulation shouldn’t wear shoes. During the time of Tipu Sultan, they escaped from Karnataka for the security of girls and began living in Idamalai. they’re the bulk population of Nigari. Soon we were walking towards that Kinnakorai viewpoint. How true is Blake that great things happen when man and mountains meet.