Vagamon: The Mystic Beauty Go there and smell the rain and the trees.


Those who think that Vagamon is a bare hill, a pine forest and only a few steep curves should be ashamed of themselves. Situated at a distance of 98 km from Kochi, this hill station is one of the best monsoon destinations in the state. A rain corridor in front of Idukki. The way to Vagamon is as thrilling as it used to be to write about Valparai. If your idea is to travel between the push and shove of a hundred men at the top of a hill and the ice cream cups carelessly tossed, leave Vagamon alone and you will not fit into that place. There are three routes from Kochi to Vagamon. Via Pala and Ramapuram. Both are approximately the same distance – 98 km.

If you are traveling by bike in the monsoon, it will be confusing. The bike is good for wind, cold and fog. The road is often broken, so there is a lot of adventure on the way. One of the first tourist directions we see when we reach Vellikulam after the fire will force us to turn left – Illikkal Kall and Ilaveezhapoonchira. After skipping it and passing Vellikulam Junction, you can see the direction board to Marmala stream waterfall. Turn left onto the main road to reach Marmala Falls. Marmala Falls is a small place that most tourists who visit Vagamon avoid. Therefore, solo drivers will love this place. Well-tarred road, rubber plantations at great depths, and dark forest-like trees on the other side. You can reach the bottom of the Marmala stream by driving for about 5 km.

We have to go further along the path of growing pineapple. Reach the bottom of the waterfall. The water flows here even in summer. But locals say the summer rains that came before June 1 gave life to Marmalade. The waterfall is a two-tiered waterfall. If you climb to the top, you can reach the waterfall. Essentially swim. But there is danger. The ice cream vendor in the basement reminds me that a young man drowned here not too long ago. After Marmala, you can continue your journey straight to Vagamon. This time there are three places you must avoid. The barren hills of Vagamon Hide Out, the pine forest, and the bustling. Instead go to quiet places and wander around the rain-soaked tea gardens. Vagamon is there. There are two routes to choose from to enjoy Vagamon. One, straight from Vagamon to Elappara. Second, return from Vagamon to Elappally – Kanjar route. Elappara is located at a distance of 16 km.

Tea forests can be seen all along the way. Occasionally the houses of Tamil workers would be cleared, tea pickers would come, four-wheeled jeeps would overtake the road, and KSRTC buses would rush through the curves like dead without any signs. The motto is to always be careful and run. Elappara is the living corner of Vagamon. Martyrs’ halls, supplyco warehouses, post offices, stalls, stunted tea plantations, lost colonies in the woods beyond the football fields. The final destination is Elappara town. That’s where the greenery ends. Instead the color is blue. Old buildings covered in blue like Munnar and Valparai. Then it is time to go back. Now straight to Elappally. Return to Vagamon Town and select Elappally, Kanjar Road. Now the view is changing. The big curves come unexpectedly. He hangs himself over his head, making sure it rains often, and then runs away Occasionally when the hills appear, crosses can be seen – cultivation in all the hill stations in Kerala.

The crosses are like handrails for climbing on the way to the mountain. There is nothing artificial in those lands except the crosses. And a great deal of grief, the buildings on the hill. Resorts are still being built. Sometimes a concrete tower rises over a large islet of greenery. It will completely ruin the vision. It will make you run away faster. Another important sight on the way to Elappally is the Christian churches. Small churches of movements like the Salvation Army. On the walls are often inscriptions reminding us of God’s coming.

At the last bend to Elappally, nature will enchant you. The green will come and just catch the eye. Anyone can feel the need to call one, even if it is in vain. The entire Vagamon can be seen in the distance from the last bend of Elappally hill. It may be raining in Vagamon now. This is the perfect time to go. Go there and smell the rain and the trees.

Each trip is a treasure trove of memories. Are motivations to face the harsh realities of life; It is a storehouse of immeasurable knowledge. One thing we should always understand is that views are always different depending on the viewer’s mind, knowledge and perception. That is why in each place you will find invaluable wonders that will never be revealed to others. Therefore, travels are the light that can come to us in every corridor of life as freedom, inspiration and purpose. Only then will we be able to look at ourselves. You can know us. You can find yourself.The only thing to say is don’t be late anymore, it reminds those who think it’s too late that it’s never too late. Do you hope to regain all the youth, love and dreams you once lost? Then drive. It is enough to find the medicine hidden in each of the alleys and in the snowy valleys at the top of the hill. Each journey will have the power to unleash the chained mind of life’s races.