Your 10 Must Avoidable Characters/Behavior which makes you unhappy


Last updated on March 15th, 2021 @ 11:44 pm

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

Can’t Say ‘No’ to AnyoneUnhappy - 10 reasons avoidable characters or behavior

Some people cant say no to anyone even if it is how much intolerable too.They always say yes i will do i will do .Others make use of such people every time.If you are one of them avoid such character immediately otherwise your life will fall in danger.Such people are always busy they can’t have time for their personal needs.This type of people are generally very emotional too.These emotions are their main enemy others will misuse it and use them for their selfish acts and needs. A Woman with such characters will suffer more than that of a man it is Mainly because this is a male dominated society.

They Can’t control Others from interfering their personal lifeThey Can’t control Others from interfering their personal life

Another problem and one of the major problem in a persons character is that they can’t avoid other persons involvement in their personal life this may include friends or relatives.Such peoples are always unhappy.

These people always try make their friend list a huge oneThese people always try make their friend list a huge one

These kind of people always try to make their friend list a huge one.They are interested to make a lot of friends and try to show others that they have plenty of friends or contacts.They always try to keep all those relationship live.That is not a good practice.It’s not possible that someone have lot of best friends.Keeping all such relationship alive is not at all a good practice,we have to compromise a lot of things for that, thus it will lowers our mental pleasure and will face lot of emotional issues in your life.Also we can’t judge all those people.Their character and behavior may not have the same wave length.

Have fun finding the faults of others and won’t Accept their own mistakes.Having fun finding the faults of others and won’t Accept their own mistakes.

Such people always try to tease others and find happiness in others misfortune or their disabilities, and always try to spread negative news about someone they don’t like.But these kind of people always fail to understand their drawbacks.But in some cases they know their character problem but won’t accept it.But the fact is that they are doing all these things for their happiness but never get it.If you are one of them try to understand your problems,please try to do a self evaluation,and please try hardly to avoid such characters .If you can’t over come such problems go and consult a psychiatrist.

Lose confidentThey are lose confident so Can’t take decisions properly Always need others help 

They Help others but always think it as a good Investmentcharacter problems in human

They can’t find any happiness in their achievementsreason for your unhappy mood

These people compare themselves with otherscharecter-problems

They are madly in love with brandscharecter-problems

(Try to Make relations based on people’s position.if they are top on the society  they give highest value than their best friends)

Their money management is not good,and always feel that others will deceive themcharecter-problems1